Nicholas Brown

MF5.1. Excerpt from video documentation of The Undulatory Theory of Light (2018) by Nicholas Brown

The Undulatory Theory of Light (2018) from Nicholas Brown on Vimeo.

The Undulatory Theory of Light is an installation-performance that investigates wave motion through interrelations between light, sound and water.

A light sensor takes readings of the red, green and blue components of daylight. These colour readings generate sonic vibrations, which excite a small amount of sea water inside a transparent box. The vibrations cause tiny crispations on the surface of the water, which in turn cause shadows that flicker across the light sensor beneath the box. This play of light affects the sensor’s readings.

The process continues over the course of the installation: a self-generating system that plays a series of musical triads.

The Undulatory Theory of Light was first presented at Turner Contemporary, Margate, part of the Oscillate festival, 2018.