Composing The Remembrance Of An Inspiration

Composing the Remembrance of an Inspiration

  • Author(s)Peter Swinnen
  • Publication year2009
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An Algorithmic Approach from the Fifth Movement of Beethoven's String Quartet op.132 to Sinfonia 3 Erinnerung for (double) string quartet, ensemble and live electronics

It is as if you remember something without ...

This piece, commissioned by the Spectra Ensemble for their participation in the 'Gouden Vleugels Contest 2008' in tandem with the Bl!ndman[strings], is a tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven and Luciano Berio. It takes the fifth movement of Beethoven's string quartet no. 15 op. 132 and treats it as in Luciano Berio's Sinfonia. In other words: Beethoven (the past) tries to break through Berio (the present).