A day in my life

Kathleen Coessens

Adayinmylifeinaday 02


The score reveals life as an experiential activity: it has a beat, a rhythm, a movement, sounds. It describes life as performed in travel and trajectories, gesture and motion, movements in space and time. In these elements, music resembles life. It is an invitation to create music out of life experience, everyday materials, embodied and enacted in the now, and to look at art as a form of intensification of the body that links the intensities and energies of the human being to the rhythms and forces of the earth itself. From June 2011 to June 2012, different improvisers, composers and performers engaged with that text. Musicians were asked to interpret the text in a sounding result, implying personal artistic actions of translation and transformation. Different compositions and improvisations were made.

The music responses opened human possibilities of semiotic interpretations, transformations and translations between different domains of understanding, perception, effect and affect.