Logo Orpheus Instituut


About the Orpheus Institute, 110 words (EN + NL)



The minimum size for print purposes is 10mm, for digital 75px. The size of the logo is determined by the available space, esthetics, function and visibility.


Never modify or abbreviate the name "Orpheus Instituut". The "O" and "I" in Orpheus Instituut are always capitalized. Keep "Orpheus Instituut" as two words. "Orpheus Institute" can also be used in an international context. The logo, however, is always in its Dutch form "Orpheus Instituut".

"Orpheus Instituut Koetshuis" is the name of the building located at Korte Meer 20A. "Orpheus Institute Koetshuis" can also be used in an international context. The "O", the "I" and the "K" are always capitalized. The shorter version "Koetshuis" can only be used in a text where the full name has already appeared.