Artistic Experimentation in Music: an Anthology - Media Repository

As further illustration of some of the discussion in the articles in the publication Artistic Experiment in Music: An Anthology, an online repository of video examples has been created and hosted within the website of the Orpheus Institute. These examples should be viewed in connection with a reading of the relevant articles.

Video illustrations for the article “Order Matters: A Thought on How to Practise”

Mieko Kanno

Title of composition: Per Mattia
Year of composition: 1975
Composer: Salvatore Sciarrino performers: Mieko Kanno
Date of recording: 4 March 2013
Recording producer: Bob Whitney
Recording space: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Video illustrations for the article “Association and Selection: Towards a New Flexibility in Form and Content of the Liederabend”

Valentin Gloor and Anna Scott

Johannes Brahms: Sechs Gesänge Op. 3 no. 5, “In der Fremde” (1852-3)
Robert Schumann: Liederkreis Op. 39 no. 1, “In der Fremde” (1840)
Robert Schumann: Theme and Variations in E Flat WoO 24, “Thema” (1854)

Date of recording: 25 March 2013
Recording producer: Juan Parra
Recording space: Concert Hall, Orpheus Institute, Ghent

Video illustrations for the article “what if ”

Larry Polansky

Title of composition: רבדמב [B’midbar] [Numbers]) for piano and invited speakers (excerpt)
Year of composition: 2008
Composer: Larry Polansky
Performers: Rory Cowal, piano
Date of recording: 11 May 2012
Recording space: University of California, Santa Cruz

Video illustrations for the article “On Kagel’s Experimental Sound Producers: An Illustrated Interview with a Historical Performer”

Luk Vaes

Title of composition: Acustica. For experimental sound producers and loudspeakers.
Year of composition: 1968-70
Composer: Mauricio Kagel
Performers: Theodor Ross, Luk Vaes, Seth Josel, Jona Kesteleyn, and participants in the workshop
Date of recording: 3 October 2012
Recording producer: Luk Vaes
Recording space: Minard Schouwburg, Ghent

Video illustrations for the article “On Life Is Too Precious: Blending Musical and Research Goals through Experimentation”

Juan Parra

Title of composition: Life is too precious…
Year of composition: 2011
Composer: Juan Parra Cancino
Performers: Juan Parra Cancino, assisted by Kathleen Coessens
Date of recording: October 2011
Recording producer: recorded by Juan Parra Cancino
Recording space: ORCiM 5 studio, Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium

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Video illustration for the article “Kairos in the Flow of Musical Intuition”

Kathleen Coessens and Stefan Östersjö

Title of composition: Strandlines year of composition: 2007
Composer: Richard Karpen
Performers: Stefan Östersjö
Date of recording: 11 February 2007
Recording producer: Josh Parmenter 
Recording space: DXARTS, Seattle

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Video illustrations for the article “Habitus and the Resistance of Culture”

Kathleen Coessens, Stefan Östersjö


Title of composition: Inside/Outside (a clip from the making of the piece and one excerpt from the performance)
Year of composition: 2012 composer: Thanh Thuy, Nguyen & Marie Fahlin
Performers: The Six Tones & Matt Wright
Date of recording: 8 November 2012 (for the performance, the rehearsal clip is from 5 November 2012)
Recording producer: Matt Wright
Recording space: Kim Ma Theatre, Hanoi


Title of composition: IDIOMS
Year of composition: 2010-11
Music: Richard Karpen, The Six Tones
Writer and director: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Performers: The Six Tones, Manh Duc, Nguyen
Date of recording: 2 September 2011
Recording producer: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Recording space: Inter Arts Center

Video illustrations for the article “Repetition, Resonance, and Discernment”

Kathleen Coessens, Henrik Frisk, Stefan Östersjö


Title of composition: Repetition Repeats All Other Repetitions
Year of composition: 2006
Composer: Henrik Frisk
Performer: Stefan Östersjö
Date of recording: 26 January 2011
Recording producer: Henrik Frisk
Recording space: EMS (Electronic Music Studios, Stockholm)