Call for proposals

Orpheus Seminar 2018

"The Power of Musical Networks"

21 - 22 February, 2018

Deadline for proposals: 15 January 2018 (Extended from 20 December 2017)


We aim to find examples of the use of Network models/principles/theories that bridge the potential gap between the Scientific Disciplines dealing with Network Theory and the creative artistic world using them.
Some questions we hope proposals will address are:

  • Has our understanding, experience and critical discourse of music evolved to keep pace with technological models?
  • Where do the boundaries between network as structure and metaphor lie? Are they porous?
  • How does the use of networks as technologies impact on our imagining, our conceiving of music? Which of the many new affordances find most resonance?
  • What is the explanatory or creative potential of network in non-technological or non-contemporary music?

Confirmed special guests:
David Rosenboom (Composer, Dean School of Music, CalArts) Music of Many Nows — Musical Configuration Spaces and the Networked Possible
Chris Chafe (Composer, Director CCRMA, Stanford) TN_CC*JI&JP: Networked room acoustics-based performance
Fernando Rosas (Centre of Complexity Science, Imperial College, London) Understanding Complexity through Networks

Juan Parra (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)
Jonathan Impett (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)
Fernando Rosas (Imperial College, London)

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The Power of Musical Networks

Orpheus Seminar 2018

21 - 22 februari 2018

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Confirmed special guests: 
David Rosenboom (Composer, Dean School of Music, CalArts) Music of Many Nows — Musical Configuration Spaces and the Networked Possible 
Chris Chafe (Composer, Director CCRMA, Stanford) TN_CC*JI&JP: Networked room acoustics-based performance 
Fernando Rosas (Centre of Complexity Science, Imperial College, London) Understanding Complexity through Networks

Juan Parra (Orpheus Institute, Ghent) 
Jonathan Impett (Orpheus Institute, Ghent) 
Fernando Rosas (Imperial College, London)