Inside the Hearing Machine

Piano Sonatas Opus 109, 110 and 111

Een nieuwe cd en documentaire door artistiek onderzoeker Tom Beghin
In samenwerking met pianobouwer Chris Maene, akoesticus Thomas Wulfrank, historicus Robin Wallace, Tonmeister Martha de Francisco en geluidsingenieur Steven Maes


Nieuwe docARTES studenten

We verwelkomen zes nieuwe doctoraatsstudenten die zullen starten in het docARTES-programma. Ze werden geselecteerd uit 35 inschrijvingen. De groep is terug erg internationaal met vijf verschillende nationaliteiten.

Tiziano Manca op Transit

Artistiek onderzoeker Tiziano Manca is één van de componisten van het Transit (Festival 2021) openingsconcert in Leuven (BE). Uitvoering door het Belgische HERMESensemble.

20 Oktober 2017, 20.30, STUK Leuven
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Orpheus Research Centre welcomes Joana Sá as a visiting researcher

Joana Sá is a Portuguese pianist and composer, who is currently developing a PhD in Musical Performance at Aveiro University (Portugal). Her proposal for being a visiting researcher at the Orpheus Institute was accepted and she will be working in the MusicExperiment21 cluster from 21 June until 14 July.

Orpheus Electric Salon: Nicolas Collins invites...

Orpheus Electric Salon returns with a flash-sequence of events in June – weekly sessions to show, learn, develop and play sound-work. Nicolas Collins hosts a series of guests addressing topics important to everyone working with sound. Calling musicians (electronic and steam), sound-artists, multi-media artists, performers, composers, hackers, instrument builders – these salons cover a range of ideas relevant to us all, whether established practitioner, curious musician or absolute beginner. Each week there will be hacking workshop, a chance to share your work, a hands-on introduction from expert artists to crucial elements of contemporary sound-work – and perhaps a chance to play together.

Thursdays 17.00 – 21.00 through June. Registration is free, but required.

Orpheus Instituut verwelkomt David Savat als visiting researcher

Following several meetings with Paulo de Assis (Research Fellow at the Orpheus Institute) David Savat accepted the invitation to take up a position as visiting researcher at the Orpheus Institute. He will be working from 17 May until 14 June and from 13 to 24 November with Paulo de Assis (MusicExperiment21 research cluster), as they share an interest in the work of Gilles Deleuze. Dr Savat will also work closely with Jonathan Impett in the Music, Thought and Technology (MTT) research cluster. David Savat is a lecturer and former discipline chair of Communication Studies at the University of Western Australia in Perth (Australia), executive editor of the journal Deleuze Studies journal, published by Edinburgh University Press, as well as series editor of Bloomsbury’s Schizoanalytic Applications series.

Academy 2017 - Futures of the Contemporary

10-12 May 2017

Intensely debated in the fields of visual arts, art theory, and philosophy, the notion of the contemporary describes different practices, relating to disparate conceptual horizons. However, if distinguished from the contemporaneous, the contemporary becomes a selective concept: it promotes or excludes things and practices according to their ability of diagnosing previously unnoticed aspects of the present. In this sense, it gains a critical function, involving particular modes of relating to history and to one’s own time.

Following Roland Barthes’ claim, who—inspired by Nietzsche, and quoted by Agamben—said that “the contemporary is the untimely”, the contemporary might suggest artistic practices that run against their own time and epoch, implying specific forms of resistance.

Beyond historicising frameworks, the 14th International Orpheus Academy for Music and Theory—Futures of the Contemporary—will explore and discuss new modes of thinking the contemporary in the arts, particularly focussing on music and music performance.

Lectures by Babette Babich (US), Chaya Czernowin (US/IL), Heiner Goebbels (DE), Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf (DE), Peter Osborne (UK), Michael Schwab (UK), and Paulo de Assis (BE/PT). 

Het Orpheus Instituut zoekt...

Communicatie & Digital Media Coördinator (m/v) voltijds

Je werkt binnen het office team van het Orpheus Instituut. Als Communicatie & Digital Media Coördinator zet je het Orpheus Instituut via verschillende communicatiekanalen op de kaart. Je gaat daarbij in interactie met onze studenten, onderzoekers, volgers, bezoekers. Je jongleert met onze digitale ‘touch points’ zoals website, e-mail, social media, video/audio, etc. Hiermee vertel je ons verhaal, geef je Orpheus Instituut een gezicht en informeer je gerichte doelgroepen over het onderzoek en de onderzoekers aan het Orpheus Instituut. Je weet wat leeft in de digitale wereld en je helpt ons te groeien in dit veld.
Je staat het office team bij in de organisatie van onze events (praktische uitwerking van de maandelijkse opleidingssessies, onderzoeksactiviteiten, etc.). Je communiceert met de betrokkenen (gastdocenten, studenten, (in house) onderzoekers, etc.), je vraagt de nodige informatie om de activiteit te promoten, je regelt contracten en je maakt technische afspraken. 

Je beseft nu al dat jouw functietitel veel meer beslaat dan hierboven beschreven.

Visiting Researcher Mareli Stolp on Artistic Research

During the first half of October Orpheus Institute welcomed its first South African visiting researcher: Mareli Stolp. Mareli is not only an excellent piano performer, specialized in contemporary classical music, she is also an inspired advocate of Artistic Research practices in her native country. Orpheus Research Fellow Luk Vaes engaged with her in a stimulating chat, and as a result of this encounter, Mareli accepted Luk's request to write a guestentry on his Artistic Research Reports-blog.

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