Research Festival

Het Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] organiseert jaarlijks een driedaags festival waarbij het onderzoek en nieuw verworven inzichten van het voorbije jaar aan een internationaal publiek van musici-onderzoekers worden voorgesteld. Het ORCiM Research Festival is uitgegroeid tot een internationaal netwerkevent voor iedereen die bezig is met artistiek onderzoek en ‘Artistic Experimentation’ in het bijzonder. Het festival biedt een mix van concerten, presentaties, lecture-performances, workshops, debat en discussies. Een panel van internationale gasten wordt uitgenodigd als keynote speakers.

Orpheus Research Festival 2015

From Wednesday September 30th through Friday the 2nd of October, 2015.


The Orpheus Research Festival is our annual showcase event of research, music and ideas, now in its seventh edition.

(im)possible worlds – new (im)possibilities

Orpheus Research Festival 2014

1 - 3 oktober 2014

The Orpheus Institute invites you to its sixth annual Research Festival. How can impossibilities and concepts touching impossible worlds trigger Artistic Research to generate new knowledge, new practice and new (im)possibilities relevant to artists and to researchers in- and outside our Artistic Research community? Expansion and concentration, the incorporation of multidisciplinary tools and the radical focus on certain fields of expertise – these are the poles which will offer a provocative environment to the discourse on (im)possibilities at the 2014 Orpheus Research Festival.

Paths to Artistic Identity: Artistic Experimentation from Hades to Heaven

Research Festival 2013

2 - 4 oktober 2013

A showcase festival of research, music and ideas

The 2013 edition of the ORCiM Research Festival represents the culmination of the centre’s three-year long concentration on the theme of Artistic Experimentation in Music. ORCiM has been using the concept of Artistic Experimentation as a catalyst for creating new understanding in Artistic Research across the artistic disciplines.  Processes of Artistic Experimentation in musical practice may provide novel ways of illuminating the new knowledge that arises through the experience of art making: generating novel concepts, developing atypical performances,  encouraging new technologies and innovative research outputs.– most relevant factors of the individual and the collective artistic identity.

This year’s Research Festival will present a series of interwoven outcomes, using the architecture and layout of the Orpheus Institute itself as a part of the ‘experimental system’. From its basement rooms to its recently completed rooftop additions, it is intended to generate a multi-layered environment of experimentation, engaging and involving audiences in a range of types and levels of discussion and participatory workshop activity.

X-periment: An international dialogue on artistic experimentation

Research Festival 2011

5 - 8 oktober 2011

The Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] is pleased to announce that its Third Annual Research Festival will take place in October 2011.  This Festival will focus upon Artistic Experimentation and promises an unprecedented atmosphere of exciting and stimulating interaction, celebrating what is happening in artistic research in music on a global scale.  ORCiM has opened up its Third Annual Research Festival into a shared creative and critical forum with the Pentacon Group.

ORCiM’s current three-year theme of Artistic Experimentation is at the heart of the Research Festival. Experimentation is omnipresent in artistic practice and in the processes of music making. Artistic experimentation encompasses the actions that an artist undertakes in developing and constantly renewing personal artistic identity and expertise. Exploring this field has the potential to give greater insight into how art unfolds, and opens new possibilities for artistic practice and reception.

Unexpected Variations

Research Festival 2010

15 - 16 - 17 september 2010

Na meer dan een jaar van intensief onderzoek in-en-door de muzikale praktijk organiseert het Orpheus Research Centre in Music zijn tweede festival van onderzoek, muziek en ideeën.

Festival of Research, Music and Ideas

Research Festival 2009

16 - 17 - 18 september 2009

Na meer dan een jaar van intensief onderzoek in-en-door de muzikale praktijk organiseert het Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] zijn eerste festival van onderzoek, muziek en ideeën.