Research Focus 2014 and onwards: Artistic Experimentation in Music (Phase 2)

Since 2010, ORCiM has been working on the theme of ‘Artistic Experimentation in Music’ as a catalyst for the exploration of new understanding in Artistic Research. From 2014 on, ORCiM will address this internationally well-received research topic in greater detail. ORCiM builds upon its observation that experimentation is a broad field of practice that encapsulates many fundamental concepts and processes of music-making, such as interpretation, execution, improvisation, musical reproduction, performativity, gesture and embodiment.

ORCiM will therefore deploy a new research architecture: a coherent internal network of (initially) four research clusters. Each cluster – instigated and led by a Principal Investigator – will focus on a clearly defined research topic, and assemble within it a group of smaller interrelated projects.