Research Focus

An internationally relevant research focus

Within a global artistic environment where an increasing number of artists engage in valuable artistic research projects, the Orpheus Research Centre felt the need for a shared framework to conduct research and distribute knowledge within the field of artistic research in music. Research fellows at the Orpheus Research Centre therefore initially defined joint research areas that - over the years – evolved into a common research focus on ‘Artistic Experimentation in Music’

Within this research focus, 25 artist-researchers work together as a close-knit community and develop both individual and collaborative research projects (Research Clusters). Each research cluster, led by a Principal Investigator, has its own strengths and strategic goals but they all aim to understand musical processes in experimentation, using appropriate and newly developed research methods.

Today, the fruits of research produced within the Orpheus Research Centre show a rich variety of shared approaches and methods. The Orpheus Research Centre’s research focus has proven to be an important step forward, not only for the research centre but for artistic research in music in general, by bringing together a substantial corpus of knowledge and practice upon which future artistic research can be built and from which musicians all over the world can benefit.

2014 & onwards

Artistic Experimentation in Music (Phase 2)

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Artistic Experimentation in Music (Phase 1)

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