Orpheus Institute Series

This new series of peer-reviewed publications - launched in 2013 - encompasses monographs by Research Fellows and associates of the Orpheus Institute, compilations of lectures, texts and performances from seminars and study days, and edited volumes on topics arising from work at the institute.

Research can be presented in digital media as well as printed texts. As a whole, the series is meant to enhance and advance discourse in the field of artistic research in music and to generate future work in this emerging and vital area of study.

TDP vol 1_front.jpg

The Dark Precursor

Deleuze and Artistic Research

Author(s): Paulo de Assis and Paolo Giudici (eds.)
Publication date: 2017

ISBN 9789462701182 - 69,00 euro

Composing under the Skin frontcover

Composing under the Skin

The Music-making Body at the Composer’s Desk

Author(s): Paul Craenen
Publication date: 2014

ISBN 9789058679741 - 45,00 euro

Sound and Score

Sound & Score

Essays on Sound, Score and Notation

Author(s): Paulo de Assis, William Brooks and Kathleen Coessens (eds.)
Publication date: 2013

ISBN 97890586797695 - 39,50 euro

Experimental Systems

Experimental Systems

Future Knowledge in Artistic Research

Author(s): Michael Schwab (ed.)
Publication date: 2013

ISBN 9789058679734 - 39,50 euro