Artistic Experimentation in Music

A Dialogue on Artistic Research

A Dialogue on Artistic Experiment
Orpheus Institute Series
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On the occasion of ORCiM’s third annual Research Festival in October 2011, artist-researchers from institutions around the world met in Ghent to share ideas, collaborate in musical experiences, exchange information and continue to develop their own views on the evolving field of Artistic Research in Music.

This DVD captures the sounds, images and ideas that emerged from this rich gathering. It serves as an example of a new format ORCiM will use for its future outputs, a series of research outcomes that will aim to bridge the gap between academic publications and artistic products.

In Artistic Research in Music, the perspective of the artist allows for the research questions to arise from the process of musical practice itself. Using Artistic Experimentation as a catalyst, researchers form the Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] have engaged in research in-and-through musical practice, allowing them to develop new understanding and innovative methodologies that serve as an illustration of the field of Artistic Research and its potential future directions.

X-periment: An international dialogue on artistic experimentation

Research Festival 2011

5 - 8 October 2011

The Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] is pleased to announce that its Third Annual Research Festival will take place in October 2011.  This Festival will focus upon Artistic Experimentation and promises an unprecedented atmosphere of exciting and stimulating interaction, celebrating what is happening in artistic research in music on a global scale.  ORCiM has opened up its Third Annual Research Festival into a shared creative and critical forum with the Pentacon Group.

ORCiM’s current three-year theme of Artistic Experimentation is at the heart of the Research Festival. Experimentation is omnipresent in artistic practice and in the processes of music making. Artistic experimentation encompasses the actions that an artist undertakes in developing and constantly renewing personal artistic identity and expertise. Exploring this field has the potential to give greater insight into how art unfolds, and opens new possibilities for artistic practice and reception.

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