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Reconstructing Kagel

In 1969 and 1970, Mauricio Kagel “made” two instrumental theatre pieces, Unter Strom and Tactil, for experimental sound producers. Since a fully encoded and composer-authorized score is lacking, the historical performers have been the only ones to play and record these compositions. The only adequate possibility to perform these pieces anew is through reconstruction of the original performance practice and the making of a score.

[Un]Knowing Brahms

In spite of seemingly disparate approaches to the late piano music of Johannes Brahms, both mainstream and period pianists continue to adhere to a pervasive set of ethically-rooted style rules designed to protect modern constructions of Brahmsian sound and meaning.

A day in my life

A day in my life is an artistic encounter with a text. It is an aesthetic exploration of everyday experiences and their transformations into artistic experiences. A poetic text with instructions was written by Kathleen Coessens. The score offers open-ended instructions for exploring the relation between everyday experiential knowledge and artistic know-how.

Tracking physicality and embodied musicality in computer music performance

This project seeks to pick up and refocus the inherent artistic research elements found on the collaborative work developed by Juan Parra and Henry Vega as members of the percussion and computer music trio "The Electronic Hammer", where the role of the computer and its performer was challenged, explored and developed to achieve the same level of musical nuance, expressiveness and responsibilities as traditional instruments in a chamber music setting.

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