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Michael Schwab, Gerhard Eckel, David Pirro

Rebody is a collaboration between Gerhard Eckel, Michael Schwab and David Pirro that was performed at the 2010 Orcim festival. It uses modes of experimentation in a number of implicit ways, which will retrospectively be analyzed in an attempt to formulate how experimentation exactly mattered to the production of the work. Rebody is the first in a number of case studies to be analyzed for a definition of experimental research practice. Situated somewhere between theory and practice such case studies will attempt to come as close to the phenomenon of experimentation in artistic research outside of predefined theories of experimentation.

Experiments in amotivic serial composition

The research is centred on the development of a systematically atonal, dissonant, and amotivic serial composition technique. In this context, the concepts of tonality, consonance, and melodic motif have to be rethought. This leads to the development of new aesthetic ideas and their implementation in the composition of new pieces.