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Running projects

Detecting Degrees of Density in Aggregates

Luk Vaes, Dirk Moelants

This project follows up on Luk Vaes’ doctoral work with regards to extended piano techniques. In contemporary music, clusters (dense aggregates of adjacent pitches) have become a common part of the musical language. Yet, our understanding of how clusters are perceived does not match its popularity in compositional practice. The few existing cluster theories are contradictory to each other as well as to the cluster’s history in scores; empirical data on the cluster's aural perception are almost non-existing.

Finished projects


Alessandro Cervino

Alessandro Cervino is conducting a doctoral project whose aim is to show how the specific knowledge of a performer can be employed in a research process, and how the results of such an enquiry can be situated in a context broader than that of instrumental practice.


Darla Crispin

The over-arching objective of PARNASSUS is to illuminate aspects of subjectivity in artistic experimentation through addressing a question that places the project's researcher at the centre of the discourse:‘What happens when a musical artist-researcher locates herself at the centre of an encounter with a highly-specialized body of cognate works with a view to generating new knowledge about their individually unique qualities, their distinctive commonalities, their relationship to more mainstream repertoire and their embeddedness in a matrix of interpretation that goes beyond the sphere of music?'