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Decontextualized Notation

This research project critically and creatively investigates musical notation both as an extension of music aimed at performers and as a medium which reaches beyond or enlarges music‘s context, seeking to define new ways of thinking what music can become through innovative approaches to notation.

Onderzoek en Compositie

Het doel van het project 'Onderzoek en Compositie' is een overzicht te krijgen van het “onderzoek in/door compositie” aan de Vlaamse conservatoria en het Orpheus Instituut. Vervolgens willen we samen met de betrokkenen aan deze instellingen uitzoeken wat de belangrijkste uitdagingen zijn in dit soort onderzoek.

Writing the Flow

The research topic is the notation of rhythm in Western music theory and practice. The research aims to investigate the role music notation held in shaping time, i.e. how musical notation not only preserves, but also structures time, in order that it becomes writable.


Switched-On is an ensemble for new music with digital and electric instruments launched in autumn 2010. The ensemble consists of members of the Swedish Ensemble Ars Nova, including its artistic director Stefan Östersjö. The overarching artistic concept of the project is to further investigate digital and electric instrument through the interaction between composers and performers.

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