Reconstructing Kagel

To Perform Mauricio Kagel's Tactil and Unter Strom

Luk Vaes (Principal Investigator). Seth Josel, Jona Kesteleyn (Performers)

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Luk Vaes
artistic experimentation, musical reproduction, re-interpretation, experimentation, notation
Research focus:
Research Focus 2010-2013
2012 - 2014


In 1969 and 1970, Mauricio Kagel “made” two instrumental theatre pieces, Unter Strom and Tactil, for experimental sound producers. Since a fully encoded and composer-authorized score is lacking, the historical performers have been the only ones to play and record these compositions. The only adequate possibility to perform these pieces anew is through reconstruction of the original performance practice and the making of a score.

The challenges Luk Vaes tackles in this project, include completing the scores, reconstructing the original performance practices, and charting the contexts on a micro level in order to create an elaborate understanding of both pieces so as to allow historically informed interpretations.

This project is part of the HIPEX cluster.

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