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Exploratory Experimental Practices In Music

Fascinated by the riddle of music creation, both in performance and composition, the investigators of this project aspire to unravel exploratory oriented experimentation (EE) in artistic practice. The project’s hypothesis postulates that this method, starting from sensorial observation and dynamic interactive exploration, offers a valuable aesthetic and epistemic tool for music creation.


Improvisation as embodied knowledge in artistic practice

The artistic practice underlying this project is primordially Calendar Variations (by Douglas a.o.) and its iterations. Calendar Variations (2010 onwards) is a new body of visual artwork that takes as its starting point Calendar, a score for an activity developed in 1971 by the artist Allan Kaprow, as well as observations made in The Artistic Turn (Coessens, Crispin & Douglas 2010). 

Mapping SAMPlab

The project 'Mapping Silent Aspects of Music Performance Lab' starts from the elaboration and creation of an experimentation platform for artist-researchers to explore the importance of and to experiment with the non-sounding elements of music practice/performance. This lab is a technical as well as a conceptual platform, offering both aspects of support. It is a joint project by the designer of the lab Juan Parra Cancino, artist-researcher, composer and guitarist, and Kathleen Coessens, artist-researcher, philosopher and pianist, relying on their respective expertise in electronic music and conceptual mapping.

A day in my life

A day in my life is an artistic encounter with a text. It is an aesthetic exploration of everyday experiences and their transformations into artistic experiences. A poetic text with instructions was written by Kathleen Coessens. The score offers open-ended instructions for exploring the relation between everyday experiential knowledge and artistic know-how.