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Running projects

Music, Thought and Technology

The research cluster Music, Thought and Technology posits a fundamental relationship between these three aspects of human behaviour. Taking its cue from recent research in technology theory, in new media and digital culture, MTT proposes a radical reorientation of the space and terms in which we think about music, exploring these ideas through creative projects.


Finished projects

Exploratory Experimental Practices In Music

Fascinated by the riddle of music creation, both in performance and composition, the investigators of this project aspire to unravel exploratory oriented experimentation (EE) in artistic practice. The project’s hypothesis postulates that this method, starting from sensorial observation and dynamic interactive exploration, offers a valuable aesthetic and epistemic tool for music creation.


Mapping SAMPlab

The project 'Mapping Silent Aspects of Music Performance Lab' starts from the elaboration and creation of an experimentation platform for artist-researchers to explore the importance of and to experiment with the non-sounding elements of music practice/performance. This lab is a technical as well as a conceptual platform, offering both aspects of support. It is a joint project by the designer of the lab Juan Parra Cancino, artist-researcher, composer and guitarist, and Kathleen Coessens, artist-researcher, philosopher and pianist, relying on their respective expertise in electronic music and conceptual mapping.

Tracking physicality and embodied musicality in computer music performance

This project seeks to pick up and refocus the inherent artistic research elements found on the collaborative work developed by Juan Parra and Henry Vega as members of the percussion and computer music trio "The Electronic Hammer", where the role of the computer and its performer was challenged, explored and developed to achieve the same level of musical nuance, expressiveness and responsibilities as traditional instruments in a chamber music setting.