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Running projects

Reconstructing Kagel

In 1969 and 1970, Mauricio Kagel “made” two instrumental theatre pieces, Unter Strom and Tactil, for experimental sound producers. Since a fully encoded and composer-authorized score is lacking, the historical performers have been the only ones to play and record these compositions. The only adequate possibility to perform these pieces anew is through reconstruction of the original performance practice and the making of a score.

Finished projects


Alessandro Cervino

Alessandro Cervino is conducting a doctoral project whose aim is to show how the specific knowledge of a performer can be employed in a research process, and how the results of such an enquiry can be situated in a context broader than that of instrumental practice.


Darla Crispin

The over-arching objective of PARNASSUS is to illuminate aspects of subjectivity in artistic experimentation through addressing a question that places the project's researcher at the centre of the discourse:‘What happens when a musical artist-researcher locates herself at the centre of an encounter with a highly-specialized body of cognate works with a view to generating new knowledge about their individually unique qualities, their distinctive commonalities, their relationship to more mainstream repertoire and their embeddedness in a matrix of interpretation that goes beyond the sphere of music?' 


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