William Brooks


William Brooks

Research fellow and Editorial board officer

William Brooks has degrees from Wesleyan University (BA 1965) and the University of Illinois (musicology, MM 1971; composition-theory, DMA 1976). Currently Professor at the University of York, UK, and Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois, he is also Senior Research Fellow and Series Editor at the Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Belgium.

A composer and scholar, his work encompasses topics from experimental music to film musicals. Recent works includes "In re: Experimental Music" (Contemporary Music Review); Tracce, for four singers (premiered in September at the Late Music Festival, York), and A Walk to the Tarn, for pianist, premiered in November. 


Sound and Score

Sound & Score

Essays on Sound, Score and Notation

Author(s): paulo de assis, william brooks and kathleen coessens (eds.)
ISBN 97890586797695 - 39,50 euro

Kathleen Coessens, Paulo de Assis, William Brooks, Anna Scott, Anne Douglas, Darla Crispin, Miguelángel Clerc Parada, Yolande Harris



Essays on and around Freeman Etudes, Fontana Mix, Aria

Author(s): juan parra cancino, magnus andersson, mieko kanno and william brooks
ISBN 9789490389017 - 22,00 euro

William Brooks, Juan Parra Cancino, Mieko Kanno , Magnus Anderson

Ohne Worte

Ohne Worte

Vocality and Instrumentality in 19th-Century Music

Author(s): william brooks (ed.)
ISBN 9789058679987 - 34,50 euro

William Brooks