Michael Schwab


Michael Schwab

Research fellow

Michael Schwab is an artist and artistic researcher who interrogates post-conceptual uses of technology in a variety of media including photography, drawing, printmaking and installation art. He holds a PhD in photography from the Royal College of Art, London, that focuses on post-conceptual post-photography and artistic research methodology. He works as a researcher for the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, and is a research fellow at Orpheus Institute, Ghent, and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

He has presented his art and research in a number of publications, exhibitions, invited keynote lectures, conference papers and seminars. Since 2003 his exhibitions and associated events have increasingly focused on artistic research, and he has been a collaborator and advisor on a number of research projects. He is co-initiator and inaugural Editor-in-Chief of JAR, the Journal for Artistic Research.




Experimental Systems

Experimental Systems

Future Knowledge in Artistic Research

Author(s): michael schwab (ed.)
ISBN 9789058679734 - 39,50 euro

Michael Schwab, Paulo de Assis, Paolo Giudici, Darla Crispin