Book presentation "Discipline and Resistance"

The Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome hosts on Monday Feb. 12 an evening on Artistic Research in Music with Leonella Grasso Caprioli from RAMI (Association for Artistic Research in Music in Italy). On the occasion of this event, there will be a book presentation of our latest publication Artistic Research in Music: Discipline and Resistance (Jonathan Impett, ed.) by Peter Dejans (Director of the Orpheus Institute) and Tiziano Manca (Associate Researcher) as well as a screening of Inside the Hearing Machine, the documentary by Tom Beghin (Principal Investigator) revealing the findings of his research project at the Orpheus Institute.

It will be an important moment, both for teachers and students, to deepen the reflection on the perspectives related to artistic research and future research doctorates.
(Roberto Giuliani, Director of the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia)

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