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Coming out Fall 2017 in the Orpheus Institute Series:

  • Experimental Encounters in Music and Beyond (Kathleen Coessens, ed.)
  • Artistic Research in Music: Discipline and Resistance (Jonathan Impett, ed.)

Published by Leuven University Press

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Experimental Encounters in Music and Beyond (Kathleen Coessens, ed.)

Multidisciplinary analysis of experimentalism in music and the wider arts today
Experimental Encounters in Music and Beyond opens a necessary dialogue on experimental practices in the arts and negotiates their place in contemporary society. Going beyond the music-historical usage of the term “experimental”, this book reimagines experimentation as an open working definition encompassing multiple forms of artistic attitudes and processes. The texts, images, and sounds offer multiple traces, faces, and spaces, revealing what experimentalism in music and the wider arts entails today. With perspectives from a range of disciplines—from choreography through composition to philosophy and beyond—the different experiences and artistic projects documented and discussed explore the complexity of experimentation in a way that is all the richer for being never-ending.

Artistic Research in Music: Discipline and Resistance (Jonathan Impett, ed.)

The Orpheus Institute celebrates 20 years of artistic research in music
Artistic research has come of age, and with it the Orpheus Institute. Founded twenty years ago, the Institute’s purpose from the start has been to pursue research through the practice of musicians. The Orpheus Institute is of the same generation as the field it was established to explore.
Like many young adults, artistic research and its structures are still constructing their identity within a wider world. How have they developed? How will they mature? How can they negotiate relationships with institutions, disciplines, and bodies of theory and yet retain the essence of their work—the critical perspective of the artist? In the last two decades there have been major changes in the dynamics and structures of culture, its institutions and constituencies. How can artistic research maintain a productive dialectic between its potential status as a discipline and its core as radical practice?

These and related questions are the threads woven through this collection of essays and assessments by present and past members of the Orpheus community—researchers, scholars, administrators, advisors. Together and separately they weave a tapestry of past accomplishments, current research, and future perspectives. They celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Orpheus not with congratulations but with challenges and questions—a job for research, a job for the Institute, a job for the future.

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