Call for Presentations ORCiM Seminar 2016

The arts of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have pushed us relentlessly to question inherited notions of the self, expression and communication: to ask ourselves, again and again, who we think we are and how we can speak meaningfully to one another. Increasing globalisation and the development of recording and photographic technologies, running alongside psychoanalytical understandings of selfhood and the impact of scientific principles of uncertainty, are often theorized as having prompted a crisis of identity, representation and authenticity. At the same time, the throwaway playfulness of pop culture and digital manipulation offer endless possibilities for self-reinvention. It is perhaps harder than ever to know who 'I' am, but 'I' am ever more self-aware. The fluid, dynamic, embodied and contingent qualities of subjectivity are experienced on an everyday basis.

Within arts practice, a ‘performance turn’ has allowed for a stronger focus on the production and experiencing of subjectivity in the context of live events: as ephemeral, dynamic, contingent and embodied, resisting conceptualisation into a stabilised notion of an artwork. The aim of this seminar is to examine examples of such practice.


We invite proposals for presentations of any kind – papers, performances, other forms of representation, or combinations of these  – from artist-researchers whose work relates to these questions:

  • How is subjectivity is instantiated and embodied in performance?
  • How does the activity of performance reflect and shape our understanding of felt experience?
  • How do the dynamic relationships between performer, materials, and context constitute the production of subjectivity?
  • How do these issues relate to understandings of creativity and identity?

We particularly encourage submissions from those working in theatre, dance and live art.

The convenors plan to produce a joint publication, to include selected presentations: the form of this will depend upon the nature of the work presented.

The seminar will open at 1300 on February 24th, 2016, and close at 1600 the next day.

Proposals and enquiries should be sent to Catherine Laws:

Deadline: December 5th, 2015.


Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation in Artistic Research

An Interdisciplinary Seminar

February 24-25, 2016

Flyer Seminar 2016