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Jos Mulder as Visiting Researcher at ORCiM

Jos Mulder was invited to work at Orpheus Institute between Monday, June 30th and Monday, July 14th. During his stay at the Orpheus Institute he worked with Juan Parra Cancino in the analysis, reconstruction and exploration of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Solo. The efforts of their collaboation will result in a network performance of Stockhausen’s Solo during the Research FestivalAfter his visit Jos send us a few words:

I am very grateful for the invitation and warm welcome extended by Orpheus. Working for a few weeks in an environment that is both intellectually and artistically stimulating provided great balance with my ordinary academic working weeks. Orpheus and ORCIM are forward facing organisations which invigorate the debate about artistic research and exploratory experimentation in music, and as such contribute to the more general research discourse. I can not wait to go back.