Previous events

Musica Amnesia

Lucia D’Errico & GAME ensemble

May 4, 2016

Tonight's music is thought as a series of anamorphic glances at sound objects coming from the early baroque. The original pieces are not reproduced – what would be the task of traditional music performers; they are generators of an impingement that, acting on the musical interiority of the performers by means of total exteriority, raises to a dimension of autonomy from both piece and musicians. The result is the sonic delineation of the potentialized encounter between work and performer: “an excluded middle, prior to the distinction between activity and passivity: affect” (Massumi). Part of the larger doctoral project Shadows from the Empty Center, the performance is aimed at proposing a new figure of musical performer that escapes the position of redundancy engendered by the traditional identitarian relationship between work and interpreter.

Composing with and within space

ORCiM Study Day with Natasha Barrett

9 March 2016

In this study day, open to the wider public, composers, performers and music researchers will be introduced to Barrett’s major contributions to the fields of acousmatic music and live electronics as well as to the development of higher order ambisonics, or immersive sound formats used to capture and reproduce three-dimensional sonic environments.
Additionally, members of MusicExperiment 21 will present their upcoming collaboration with Barrett in a media archaeological performance of J.S. Bachs’s Goldberg Variations, developed by Heloisa Amaral within the framework of her docARTES PhD-project.

Heinz Holliger visits Orpheus

Study Day with Heinz Holliger

8-10 February, 2016

Heinz Holliger is one of those rare contemporary musicians who combine composing, playing, conducting, teaching, lecturing on a tremendously high level in a continuous stream of creativity since six decades.

During his visit to Orpheus he will deliver testimonies about his relation to his own music and to the music of others like Debussy or Schumann - by playing, explaining and coaching. About this relation he says himsself : "My entire relation to music is such that I always try to go to the limits."

The Orpheus Institute will be thus a perfect environment.