Dissolving Borders: Musical Migration / Migratory Musicking

Orpheus Doctoral Conference 2018

ODC 2018 visual.pngMusic, and the arts in general, has always been a source of inspiration in times of crisis; it establishes rapport between peoples and cultures and serves as a laboratory for the creation and expression of cultural values. 
Dissolving Borders invited proposals that will investigate and problematize how musicians create political spaces that transcend demarcated space and culture, on scales both global and local, macro and micro. We seek work that engages with the complex realities of inter-cultural contact, including issues of migration, communication, integration, acceptance, and symbiosis. As the world experiences radical displacement during an era of unprecedented enforcement of borders, we seek earnest engagements with the vibrant history of music’s entanglement with these issues. Looking to past musics, musicians, and scholarship, we encourage imaginations of music’s current and future role as a cultural and political agent.


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We have a special ticket for the keynote of Jordi Savall (19 April, 16.00 - 18.30). Please register through the form and select the Jordi Savall keynote ticket (€ 15).

Keynote speakers:

Jordi Savall – conductor, gambist, composer, ensembles Hespèrion XXI and Orpheus XXI 
Prof. Dr. Jin-Ah Kim – Hankuk University, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


docARTES PhD students started in 2016:
Siamak Anvari 
Elizabeth Dobbin 
Kevin Fairbairn 
Max Haft 
Don-Paul Kahl 
Ned McGowan 
Adrien Pièce



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