Electric Salons

A new series of events for sound artists, composers and performers who are engaged (or want to be engaged) with new (and not so new) technologies.

Electric Salon with Juan Parra & Jonathan Impett

Who's afraid of sound processing?

Thursday June 29, 2017 (17.00 - 21.00)

Juan Parra and Jonathan Impett (BE) present a hands-on introduction to the software environments most used by serious sound, interaction and multimedia artists: Max and Pd. These are flexible and powerful tools, but grounded in a few straightforward principles. You will quickly learn the basic concepts so that you can begin to develop your own ideas. Whatever, your own musical language, just bring a laptop and headphones (Max offers a 30-day demo version, and Pd is free).

Electric Salon with Jan Schacher


Thursday June 22, 2017 (17.00 - 21.00)

Interfaces, sensors and Arduino. Jan Schacher (CH) introduces his movement-based work and shows how to work with the most common device, the Arduino. 

The Arduino hacking salon will provide musicians, media artists and hacking enthusiasts with an insight into interfacing the real world phenomena with digital sound processes or use them to control physical actions through electrical switches and devices. We will cover basic circuits, input connections, basic programming, and communication with sound software such as Pure-Data, MaxMSP, or supercollider, Processing. The sensors we look at capture light, movement, measure distance or sound with piezo sensors, and with the actuators such be solenoids (electromagnets), DC-motors, Servo-motors, piezo-speakers, and LED lights we will be able to make sounds on physical objects or analog electronics. No particular skills are needed, but an affinity with computers, electronics sounds and a curiosity to discover new ways of interacting are highly recommended.

www.jasch.ch / www.arduino.cc

Electric Salon with Davide Tidoni


Thursday June 15, 2017 (17.00 - 21.00)

Davide Tidoni (IT) leads us in exercises in the new modes and experiences of listening offered by loudspeakers (‘sound, space and body’), using instruments you bring or have made in the hacking workshop.

The workshop is open to anyone concerned with the possibility of interaction between sound, space and listening. The main aim of the workshop is to offer, through direct practice, a wide range of listening experiences in order to lead participants to recognize sound as a concrete presence that puts the listener in relation with bodies, materials and space. Through the practice of specific exercises that stage phenomena of reflection, absorption, filtering and the threshold of audibility, a work will be developed on the perception of sound in space and the quality of one’s listening.

Electric Salon with Derek Holzer and Jeroen Vandesande

Soundboxes workshop

Friday March 3, 2017 (10.00- 17.00) - FULLY BOOKED

SoundBoxes are small, primitive electro-acoustic instruments built from a wooden box, a speaker, a small audio amplifier and a contact microphone. Discover the hidden sonic qualities of objects from our everyday world in this hands-on workshop, combining the arts of electronics, noise, sculpture and collage. 

Electric Salon with Nicolas Collins

Hardware hacking

Thursday January 19, 2017

The second edition in a new series of events for sound artists, composers and performers who are engaged (or want to be engaged) with new (and not so new) technologies.
Electric Salons are developped for an invited  guest artist to share their work, discuss practical issues. Workshop and audio facilities are available in our new lab for work on personal projects or to develop ideas with the guest and with Orpheus researchers Juan Parra and Jonathan Impett. There is opportunity for participnants to present or discuss your own work and we hope to end each session with a performance in the concert hall: work you bring or create on the day, music from our guest, and collaborations.
The salons are informal, relaxed sessions for exchange and creation. Show, share and work together with others who are likewise serious about exploring new sound and music with technology.