Artists’ Research Workshop

Artists’ Research Workshops are a new initiative from the Orpheus Instituut. Performers, composers and creators of music, professionals and students, are invited to join artist-researchers from Orpheus in intensive study of a particular aspect of their work. Attendees will share the knowledge and experience of experts in a particular area of artistic practice, but also their approaches and methods as researchers. In this way we hope to help artists develop both in their specific practice and in their broader understanding of its context.

Performing with Technologies

An Artists’ Research Workshop with Nicolas Collins (SAIC, Chicago)

6 - 8 June 2016

From found objects to violins and pianos, transistors to global networks, music is rooted in its technologies. Instrument design, musical invention and performance are deeply intertwined. This workshop will explore understanding, building, repurposing, expanding and integrating technologies in contemporary music performance.

A HIP version of Mauricio Kagel’s " Ludwig van "

3-day workshop with Prof. Karl-Heinz Zarius

20-22 October 2014

The score of Ludwig van (1970) consists of photographs of a music room in which every object is covered with Beethoven scores; those photographs are intended to be used by performers as basic material to improvise on. The open nature of this composition has led recent performers to take the opportunity to explore a wide range of options. When confronted with historical performances (e.g. conducted by Kagel himself), a surprising type of aesthetic is discovered in the way they sound, hinting at a very specific and nuanced performance practice.

In a three-day workshop with 10 students of the Lemmens Institute, Prof. Karl-Heinz Zarius (long-time collaborator of Kagel, with decades of experiences in performing Ludwig van) will reconstruct this historical performance practice in a new version of Ludwig van, prepared for the occasion. The workshop will be fully documented, and – together with other researched materials – result in a multi-media publication.