Admission & Enrolment

Admission requirements

The laureate programme has been designed for musician-researchers (performers and composers) with diverse backgrounds and original, well articulated ideas for artistic research. Candidates are excellent musicians with considerable, little or no experience in advanced research methodologies.

To start the laureate programme, candidates should hold a master's degree in the creative or performing arts from a recognized higher education institution or demonstrate a comparable level of qualification.

Application form

Candidates can complete the application form at any time during the year. The completed form should be sent via regular mail and e-mail to:

Orpheus Instituut
Korte Meer 12
B-9000 Gent

The Admissions Committee will examine the application form and decide whether the candidate can take part in the entrance examination.

Entrance examination

The entrance examination consists of a performance, a presentation of the research project and an interview with the members of the Admissions Committee. The examination date is set in consultation with the candidate.

Enrolment fee

Once a candidate has successfully completed the entrance examination, a mentor is appointed to assist the candidate throughout the entire trajectory. At the start of the trajectory, a contract will be drawn up between the candidate and the Orpheus Institute.

The enrolment fee for the entire trajectory is € 2.500.