Admission & Enrolment

Admission requirements

The masterclass Chamber Music has been designed for any ensemble (that may or may not have been formed specifically for this masterclass) with max. 7 members. There are no restrictions with respect to the formations.

The members of the ensemble can be a.o. advanced students from conservatoires or higher music institutions; teachers from conservatoires or higher music institutions; performing musicians with a full-time professional career, etc.

Application form

The completed application form can be sent to at any time of the year

The application form will be evaluated by the guest professors who decide whether the ensemble can take part in the upcoming audition.


An audition will be held yearly in October or November and consists of an artistic performance (15 – 30 min.) and an interview with the guest professors. Accepted ensembles start their masterclass sessions in January

Enrolment fee

The enrolment fee is € 150 per person.

The ensemble is entitled to 9 sessions of 2 hours each (18 hours in total). The dates for these sessions will be set at the beginning of the masterclass in consultation with the professors and the Orpheus Institute.