About Education

An inspiring biotope for artist-researchers

In the past two decades, an ever growing wind of change has been blowing through the world of music and music education. Musicians have developed an increased interest in diverse strands of research which has led to the emergence of a new concept, namely that of ‘Artistic Research’. Introducing this type of research into music training, adapting it to the characteristics of higher music education in Europe and creating a platform for practice-based research in music has - since then - been the objective the Orpheus Institute is aiming for.

Orpheus Institute provides a doctoral curriculum (docARTES) and a laureate programme, each consisting of research and training, tailored to the individual needs of the student’s own musical practice, interests and skills. High-level individual supervision and a professional research biotope are the cornerstones of our view on education, preparing doctoral and laureate students for a professional career as artists and artist-researchers.

What Orpheus Institute offers to students:

  • an international, innovative and dynamic research environment
  • a Europe-wide team of supervisors and guest speakers covering a diverse range of musical specialisms
  • an international community of students and staff from a rich variety of musical backgrounds
  • an exciting curriculum with seminars, workshops, colloquia and performances
  • a supportive and inspiring research environment
  • a global network of leading performers, composers, and scholars