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Communicatie & Digital Media Coördinator (m/v) voltijds

Deadline: 31 January 2017 (17:00)

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Als Communicatie & Digital Media Coördinator maak je deel uit van het office team. Je zet het Orpheus Instituut via verschillende communicatiekanalen op de kaart. Je gaat daarbij in interactie met onze studenten, onderzoekers, volgers, bezoekers. Je jongleert met onze digitale ‘touch points’ zoals website, e-mail, social media, video/audio, etc. Hiermee vertel je ons verhaal, geef je Orpheus Instituut een gezicht en informeer je gerichte doelgroepen over het onderzoek en de onderzoekers aan het Orpheus Instituut. Je weet wat leeft in de digitale wereld en je helpt ons te groeien in dit veld. (only in Dutch)

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Hardware hacking

Electric Salon with Nicolas Collins

19 January 2017

Nic Collins © Corinne Comte

The Electric Salons are organised for sound artists, composers and performers in the context of a new research cluster at the Orpheus Institute 'Music, Thought and Technology' (MTT). It posits a fundamental relationship between these three aspects of human behaviour. Taking its cue from recent research in technology theory, in new media and digital culture, MTT proposes a radical reorientation of the space and terms in which we think about music, exploring these ideas through creative projects.
Invited guest for this session is Nicolas Collins. He will share his work and discuss practical issues with researchers Jonathan Impett and Juan Parra Cancino. The salons are informal, relaxed sessions for exchange and creation. Show, share and work together with others who are likewise serious about exploring new sound and music with technology. Each session will culminate in a performance in the concert hall. 

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Orpheus Doctoral Conference

22 & 23 February 2017


Open for researchers, practitioners and doctoral students within music and related fields, the Orpheus Doctoral Conference 2017, Traditions-Transitions, will explore how different modes of relationships between past and present affect artistic practices today. Further, practitioners and researchers from the fields of music and social sciences will draw on Eric Hobsbawm’s notion of “invented traditions”, examining how traditions are forged, broken or interrupted and how they might be used as sources of renewal.

The conference will feature lectures by Richard Taruskin, Joanna Dudley, Sigiswald Kuijken and Esteban Buch as well as a musical gallery with performances and installations.

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Aberrant Nuptials

DARE 2017

20 - 22 November 2017


The philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and its resonating discourses have become increasingly relevant to the field of Artistic Research, and Deleuze is now a key reference for many artist-researchers engaging with knowledge across artistic, academic and non-academic fields of practice. DARE 2015: The Dark Precursor was the first conference attempting to trace the encounter between artistic research and Deleuze’s world. The Second International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, DARE 2017: Aberrant Nuptials, continues that mapping, readdressing the question ‘How can communication occur between heterogeneous systems?’ through the associated concepts of ‘aberrant nuptials’ and ‘zone of indeterminacy’.

The call for proposals is now open until February 5, 2017!

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