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Aberrant Nuptials

Experimental Performance

21 November 2017, 20.15


Baroque and classical pieces are performed with electric guitars, laptops, and video projectors. They are exploded into digital images and enacted by the breathtaking contemporary dancer Marlene Monteiro Freitas. Robert Schumann’s famous piano fantasies Kreisleriana, are played in dialogue with texts by Roland Barthes and Friedrich Nietzsche, submersed in a three-screen video projection and live-electronics.

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Aberrant Nuptials

DARE 2017

20 - 22 November 2017


The philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and its resonating discourses have become increasingly relevant to the field of Artistic Research, and Deleuze is now a key reference for many artist-researchers engaging with knowledge across artistic, academic and non-academic fields of practice. DARE 2015: The Dark Precursor was the first conference attempting to trace the encounter between artistic research and Deleuze’s world. The Second International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, DARE 2017: Aberrant Nuptials, continues that mapping, readdressing the question ‘How can communication occur between heterogeneous systems?’ through the associated concepts of ‘aberrant nuptials’ and ‘zone of indeterminacy’.

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Call for proposals

Orpheus Doctoral Conference 2018

Deadline: 20 December 2017


"Dissolving Borders: Musical Migration / Migratory Musicking"
18 - 19 April, 2018

We welcome 20-minute papers, presentations, performances, etc. The Orpheus Doctoral Conference is organised by the 2nd year docARTES students.

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Call for proposals

Orpheus Seminar 2018

Deadline: 20 December 2017


"The Power of Musical Networks"
21 - 22 February, 2018

We invite proposals for presentations in the form of paper, demonstration or performance, or any hybrid thereof. We particularly welcome proposals for presentations that explore the demonstration of Network models and theories applied to music creation.

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Open call

One doctoral artist-researcher

Deadline: 12 December 2017


Full-time Doctoral researcher in Artistic Research in Music who will be a team member of the research cluster MusicExperimentX while pursuing a docARTES doctoral degree at the Orpheus Institute.

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Inside the Hearing Machine

Declassifying the Classics


Piano Sonatas Opus 109, 110 and 111

A new CD and documentary by pianist and artistic researcher Tom Beghin in collaboration with: keyboard maker Chris Maene, acoustician Thomas Wulfrank, music historian Robin Wallace, Tonmeister Martha de Francisco and sound engineer Steven Maes

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